Year 1 is called Rabbits class and is taught by Miss Ashbrook. Mrs Dixon, Mrs Eisen and Miss Noonan (TAs) work closely with us to provide interventions.

In year 1 we access the full national curriculum whilst having continuous provision in place to ensure a smooth transition from early years to KS1. We work closely with early years and have embarked on an exciting new venture with them called The Curiosity Approach (CA). This aims to ignite awe and wonder in children by allowing them to access a range of open ended resources where their imagination can run wild! We have created a tranquil environment for our year 1 children, that is set up thoughtfully for children to learn, play and explore.  

The children have one afternoon of ‘enrichment’ each week, this changes each term and allows the children to develop new skills and try things they haven’t before. The enrichment opportunities for year 1 include: cooking, photography, opera, drama, nature, community, poetry and walking.  

We have daily phonics lessons in the morning using the Little Wandle phonics scheme. Phonics teaches children the 44 phonemes in the English language and supports reading and writing. We have one PE session each week, and the day may change from term.  It is best if children bring their PE kits in on a Monday and take them home for washing on a Friday. Children wear PE kits consisting of black shorts, a white t-shirt and pumps or suitable trainers.  

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